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Just after World War II, William Marston and his partner Lester Pray bought property on the banks of the Saco River. They had a meager bank account and boundless energy. Together they developed what was to become Glenhaven Circle, one of the first housing subdivisions in Saco. 

When the two friends built homes for themselves, Bill (Dad) also built a dock for his boat. It wasn't long before the neighbors asked if they could keep their boats at the dock, and the rest is history. Dad realized he might have the makings of a little side business and Riverside Anchorage was born. He sold the business to his children in 1996 and later passed away in 2000. 

The name of the marina was officially changed by the children, to "Marston's Marina" because that's what people had been informally calling it for many years. Our father always envisioned the marina as a place where the average family could keep a boat. We still keep that principal in mind today as we strive to provide a clean, safe, and affordable environment where people from our local community can enjoy their boats on the beautiful Saco tidewater and bay. 
Glenhaven Circle East, Saco, ME. 04072